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How To Pick Up Fashion Design Skills

10. September 2014

When a person goes to a fashion school, they acquire a number of skills which are invaluable. You learn how to create fashion illustrations and sketches which are the starting point of any masterpiece in fashion. Although these are the very best skills that anyone can pick up, they are not as practical as is needed. When trying to get a job out in the fashion industry, it can be pretty hectic coming up when you realize there are things that are still strange.

These days the effect of technology is everywhere such that it might even be necessary that you can come up with computerized drawings. Presentation boards are the other important aspects that help in being good at your job. There are unexpected skills that might actually help more than would be expected.

Knowing computer programs-Although this might seem like something for those taking a course in computers, it just might help more than you have thought. This is because there are computer applications that are used in creating flats and the CADs as well. Some of these include Adobe Photoshop because they are effective and affordable as well. There are even companies which have made requests for willing persons to be versed with software such as WebPDM.

Find a way of educating yourself. This just might be one of the best things that anyone can do. Its importance is in the fact that although the curriculum does not require these courses, they are much the less crucial. It includes presentations which are made to act as visual aids. Among the things that they help in achieving includes showcasing creativity levels. Refining skills especially the ones that are required in the fashion industry might just be the way to succeed in fashion.

Flat sketching is one of the few skills that most starting out fashion designers are not able to handle. Although you might be fully capable of coming up with illustrations, making the flat sketch might turn out to be a different story. There are other persons who although they do know how to use this technique, the challenge comes in making the sketches decent and appealing.

It might be necessary to work under a well established fashion designer. The importance of this is the fact that they help in showing you the different ways of predicting different trends in fabrics. This should be a person whose style and former works you admire in order to pick up a thing or two from them.

It is important that as a designer, your imagination should be part of your everyday tools. Creativity is what captures the attention of many people who are able to see the artistic talent that is behind the pieces of attire you come with.


Career Paths That You Can Choose In Fashion

10. September 2014

Career Paths That You Can Choose In FashionWhen you want to pick one of the many fashion jobs, then rest assured it can be pretty overwhelming. The opportunities in the fashion industry are numerous and it might be hard to pick out just one. This is why you need to be sure of where your passion falls in so that you can make the right choice. The demand for jobs in this industry is pretty high waiting for any new talent or skills. By pursuing your dream, there is always the chance of doing something great which has not been done before. Since everyone wants to leave their own mark, then is one of the best ways of guaranteeing that. There are several career paths you can decide on.

Fashion designer

One of the ways in which you can be an active participant in the world of fashion is by being a fashion designer. Apart from the glamour that anyone can see from fashion magazines, you should be ready for the amount of work ahead of you. It would be right to say that these persons are some of the most hardworking in the industry. This is because they are in charge of making sure that the models on the runway have attractive pieces that other designers can see from wherever they might be. An important aspect of being a fashion designer is going to trade shows and pick up ideas and inspirations for new pieces.

A merchandiser

This is the person who is responsible for coming up with products that help in profit making. They are able to do this through building a plan. They also look into their competitors and what exactly the clients are looking for. In order for the company to enjoy its financial success, the merchandiser will have played a vital role. Analytical skills are a necessity in this line of work. They come in handy in developing product lines that are sold at retail.

Wholesale merchandisers

The other career that you can take in the fashion industry is being a wholesale merchandiser. This is a person whose duties fall into overseeing the different phases of research and the development of concepts used in a show.

Product developer

The product developer is the person in charge of taking a concept and then helps it to be become an actual product that can be sold to clients at retail. From merchandising the product, the next step is converting it into a tangible product. This requires that the design team dealing with the merchandise should come up with the material, color as well as its cost. This requires that they find the right factory that will help the production to fall on the calendar date as required.


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